måndag 11 februari 2013

Christopher Alexander

Jag tror jag har hittat en man som är passionerad i hus och i livet. Utdrag ur hans bok: The timeless way of building. 

"The essence of this kernel is the fact that we can only make a building live when we are egoless.
"...this innocence will only come about when people honestly forget themselves."

och det fortsätter..
"To make a building egoless, like this, the builder must let go of all his willful images, and start with a void."
"You are able to do this only when you no longer fear that nothing will happen, and you can therefore afford to let go of your images."

This is the importance of the void. A person who is free, and egoless, starts with a void, and lets  the language generate the necessary forms, out of this void. She overcomes the need to hold onto an image, the need to control the design, and she is comfortable with the void, and confident that the laws of nature, formulated as patterns, acting in her mind, will together create all that is required.

A woman who is not afraid to die, is free to live because she is open to what happens next, and is not always killing it by trying to control it.

Och den här meningen... läs och njut.
"...because once again, it is only the extent to which you yourself become ordinary and natural, that in the end determines how natural and free and whole the building can become."

But once a person can relax, and let the forces in the situation act through her as if she were a medium, the she sees that the language, with very little help, is able to do almost all the work, and the building shapes itself.

" It is utterly ordinary. It is what is in you already. Your first, most primitive impulses are right, and will lead you to do the rught thing, if you will only let yourself. There is no skill required. It is only a question of whether you will allow yourself to be ordinary, and to do what comes naturally to you, and what seems most sensible, to your heart, always to your heart, not to the images which false learning has coated on your mind."